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Monday, July 4, 2011

Minitopia starts tomorrow!!

Minitopia is back! Last year's Minitopia was one of our favorite Brownie events and we are so excited to bring it back!

With your $5 Minitopia ticket, you will receive the 3 mini kits that you will need to compete in the 3 Minitopia Challenges. You will also receive an alias to use during the event, which keeps the voting completely fair, and you'll be trying to figure out who is who!

By participating, you will be eligible for prizes, with weekly winners and a grand prize winner!

If you haven't purchased Minitopia yet, you should!

The first challenge is now posted.

To be eligible for the grand prize you must participate in each weekly challenge by the deadline.

But no matter when you join, you will be eligible for the weekly prize!

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